Running multiple instances of the Defold editor



I’ve searched the documentation and the forums for a way to have two instances of the editor open at the same time. Is there a way to achieve this? If there is no way, it would be immensely helpful if it was made possible in a future patch :slight_smile:



No, it’s not currently possible but there is a workaround that works on OSX. If you copy the application folder you can launch the copied “Defold” app.

Btw, why do you need to run two instances?




nothing major, just convenient when comparing and/or merging projects

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Ok. Btw, the project is a regular git repo so you can also use any standard git tool for those things.

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I would like to add a ‘vote’ on this also, it’s convenient when comparing two different projects. It would also be convenient if you want to build locally and do stuff at the same time. I am sure people would find it useful. :smile:

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Was just about to post this too, but found this thread. So here is an other “vote”

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In the upcoming Editor 2.0, this has been fixed. Please be patient for the coming release, we are working hard as hell to get it feature complete w.r.t the current version.



I would also like this feature! Im trying to test a multiplayer game against each other. I copied the defold folder, but when I run from one editor it kills the running instance from the other editor. It also complains about not being able to start http server when running the second instance at startup. And console output also seems to get routed to the opposite editor sometimes

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Unless I’m missing something this still isn’t a part of the engine?

Just a comment on sicher’s solution - it’s enough to just copy the file so you have two in the main folder, the name of the file doesn’t seem to matter. The second instance you open can’t build to HTTP though.



Sorry for reviving a super old thread but I found this handy solution that I’ve been using for some time after encountering the same problem with Mojave. It may be helpful for someone in the future.

Just open the Terminal app and type:

open -n -a Defold

A new instance will open and you’ll be able to work on multiple projects at once! You can also create a script that will do this for you automatically.