Running game on Windows10 VM?


I have to make sure the game runs correctly on PC, but I only have a mac, so I have to use a Virtual Machine through VirtualBox.

Has anyone managed to run a game on the Windows10 Virtual machine image provided by Microsoft here: ?

I get the following error dump:

Failed to create GLFW window

Has anyone managed to run on a windows VM?

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We usually develop fixes for Windows using a VM.
We are mostly working on Mac’s, and our VM of choice is Parallels Desktop.
It’s $80 for students/home usage.

For mac, it “just works”. And also, it is the only one (since I tested recently) supporting OpenGL 3+.
Performance is great, and allows you to play DirectX games as well (not sure which version though)

As for alternatives, I don’t know any.
I guess buying an extremely cheap computer would work too. But personally, I like using the same computer for all platforms.



Also, there are online cloud services that allow you to host software, and also use remote desktop like VNC. E.g. we used for running Mac servers (that was expensive though)

I don’t have any recommendations for Windows though.



OK thanks for your help, I will try the Parallels one!



OK I tried with Parallel and the game runs correctly!