Running Defold in other apps?

hi all
we are building a educational app, which needs some mini games and animations. we need to run this games inside our app, is it possible to build games with Defold and run them in our app,
we need to run our app on both android and iOS
any idea for running Defold in flutter, react native, or other cross platform engines.
I know corona cards for corona/solar2d can do this, but I need to know is it possible with Defold or not?

I don’t think anyone has attempted this before. My first suggestion would be to try running a Defold HTML5 build in a webview in your app.

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What does that mean specifically? How is it done for other game engines?

I don’t know about Solar2D, but Unity 2019.3 added a facility to use Unity as library in native apps (fullscreen only) :

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Ah, well I don’t think we’ll support that out-of-the-box. If you really need it, It’s possible as the source is available online.

However, I would go for the suggestion by @britzl to use a HTML5 build instead. You can use a web view in your app to show the game.

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we are nervous about speed and flick issues in web view.

we are nervous about speed

Our HTML5 performance is very good.
It should be easy enough for you to test.

and flick issues

I’m not sure what this is?