Rive render looks odd

I’m trying to upgrade my pipeline changing from inkscape + dragon bones + gui.animate (defold) to Rive. But, after importing .riv file and adding Defold extension I got this wired render

do you how can I fix this issue, or if you have a faster pipeline would be great!

I’m using Defold 1.6.1 + https://github.com/defold/extension-rive/archive/refs/heads/main.zip extention URL

What is the problem? What is the expected result?

The editor currently uses the old renderer, which is tesselation based. So that might be why some geometry might look jagged.
Are you having this issue at runtime too?

@britzl the problem is that the button should look like this

What does it look like when you run the project?

As I mentioned, the editor uses the old renderer, and it will do so for a while longer. Currently we’re focusing on the runtime renderer. So test that first.

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