Rip Your Eyes Out- ᵖᶦⁿᵇᵃˡˡ

Rip Your Eyes Out - ᵖᶦⁿᵇᵃˡˡ

Post Defold gamejam 2023. I had started creating a pinball game for the jam and will continue the work adding update notes. My previous notes during the jam can be read here : #MadeWithDefold Jam 2023 - #32 by MasterMind.

Wanting to now take my time and put out something I enjoy making , I decided to create a base mesh for my pinball playfield. This will be the foundation for the overall aesthetics. This is a 2d pinball game that will have pre-rendered assets in such a way to give it the illusion of 3d depth and lighting. Basically 5 layers will be built up from the floor to the pinball then top layer of any part that may obstruct the pinball plus lights. So I will be slicing and rendering the playfield and assets as such.

I got to take great care in nailing down the cameras focal length + angle as well as the base lighting before any static and animated assets are rendered and the camera is locked for the pre-rendering. A downside is that if any changes are made to these settings all the assets will need to be re-rendered so it is important to nail it on the first pass. For individual assets around the playfield I will use a screenspace masking technique to extract the assets from the pre-renders same for all animations. The individual assets will all have unique positions, angles & lighting so they will not be reused assets, this will mean more texture occupation in the atlas.

The art, I will hand draw/paint an illustration for the paneling and floors maybe give it some post process then use it as a texture for the base mesh hopefully giving it that classic pinball feel with maybe a twist or two.

I’ve got some ideas to make this game pop so keep an eye out for more updates :see_no_evil: :eyes:



Wow, great idea! Keep us updated :blush::heart:


I agree! Looking forward to following development! Pinball games was a favourite of mine when I grew up. Pinball Illusions and similar games by the pre-cursor to DICE were played a lot on the Amiga!