Resolution Scaling for Pixel Art Style

I wonder if there’s a proper solution to render a pixelart game on its original size and then scale it up, to fit the window size.

Is there a good way to modify the render script to do exactly that?

My primary aim is to give the game an accurate retro look in relation to shader effects because rendering them in high resolution breaks the pixelart.
There’s also a visual issue with sprite placement where one pixel gap is visible on certain window sizes with objects that have a floating point number as the center, which is quite understandable after stretching the game content. But at lowres it wouldn’t be urgent to adjust them.

Most examples I’ve found, zoom further in and fit the projection to the window before they draw their predicates, which is not what I want.

btw, would it additionally improve performance or battery life on Android devices?

There are a few assets:

And some documentation:


Thanks this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, will take a look at both to learn more about the render!