Rendercam - customized follow



I’m using rendercam and follow() function to follow my hero character, the camera is put right in the center (assuming the center is X=0 and Y=0).

I want to adjust the camera position to follow the hero but by adjusting the X and Y. So instead to have my followed object in the center of the screen, it will be at the bottom left for example…

First, is there a function to help me? I read the manual but the closest one was pan() but not a solution

if no function available then is it the script that need to be modified?

I’m seeing in the rendercam script the following code:

I’m thinking to make self.followPos.x and self.followPos.y customizable…

Thanks for the help




You can nest a game object within your hero character. Offset it to the left-bottom of the hero and let the camera follow that instead. Unless I am missing something.



kiprono’s suggestion is by far the easiest and best I think.

You can also just not use the built-in following stuff and move the camera object yourself, however you want.

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Thank you both for the great help.

Kiprono’s suggestion was simple to implement yet efficient. what to ask more :slight_smile:

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