Rendercam Black Screen

Hi folks, I’ve encountered an error when trying to build my game (1.0 MB)

After navigating through the gui (by pressing start game) the editor appears to do nothing, but there is a rendercam error in the console, along the lines of no active camera found. I have added the rendercam module as a dependency, added the camera to main.collection, ticked active, and followed the instructions here. Still just a black screen with the gui. Any suggestions are most appreciated

Thanks in advance

Maybe I should remove that warning, it seems to be tripping people up a lot lately. It just means that, for at least 1 frame, there was no camera active. But that’ll happen anytime you use collection proxies and disable the current one before enabling the new one, so in your case it’s not a problem. You’ll notice it happens as soon as you run your game, since there’s no camera in the loader collection.

Anyway, the project seems to work as it should. As far as I can tell, all that should be there is a black screen with a GUI. What do you expect to show up? There’s nothing else in the collection (hud.collection).

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