Render Target example + FXAA


I promised I’d put these up soon but I don’t have enough time right now to make it as clean as I’d like. Still this should give some people who need this some insights. I’ll release another version later with easier to use materials.

FXAA is a style of anti-aliasing mostly useful for 3d games with geometry artifacts. It is a post-processing style of AA that samples an image to produce its smoothing results. This is why a render target is used with this AA style. FXAA won’t work for everything but it is a fast and cheap method to make jagged edges smoother.

The fragment program is adopted from here and is based on the first version of FXAA, later versions can probably be adapted as well. I did a bunch of tests with AA methods in the past but not sure where those project files are right now.

FXAA off


Zip is large because of sample images used. (1.0 MB)

Defold 1.2.139 has been released

Very cool!


Cool! I need it !