Render.enable_render_target() seems to not work (and is not in the API)

I came across a confusing thing in the Color grading tutorial - neither:

render.enable_render_target(self.render_target) --nor:

are no longer in the API, although those functions are mentioned even in the code examples in the API. I must have missed that change, but I can’t find when and why it happened.

Nevertheless, I tried to use those functions, but it is not working, here’s a small repro: (25.8 KB)

So how can we now properly enable a render target?

I believe that tutorial is outdated. I saw on Slack that someone was going to create a PR to fix it.

The function you are looking for is render.set_render_target(target, [options]) and render.set_render_target(render.RENDER_TARGET_DEFAULT).

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It was me :smile:
Thank you! I’ll check it and prepare a PR :wink:

The functions were deprecated in 1.2.139: Defold 1.2.139 has been released

(although I still believe they are exposed in the API but reference documentation has been removed)

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Changing enable/disable render target to set_render_target as you proposed still didn’t help in the project I uploaded - the screen is still black :confused:

function update(self)

     ... -- drawing everything like in default script


-- up to this point everything is drawn to the render target only

    -- 1) clear the frame buffer
    render.clear({[render.BUFFER_COLOR_BIT] = self.clear_color})
    -- 2) fill the window with a viewport (set viewport to match window)
    render.set_viewport(0, 0, render.get_window_width(), render.get_window_height())
    -- 3) set the view to the identity matrix
    -- 4) set texture slot 0 to the color buffer of the render target
    render.enable_texture(0, self.render_target, render.BUFFER_COLOR_BIT)
    -- 5) draw graded predicate
    -- 6) disable texture slot 0

And how do you create self.render_target?

-- create a render target
local color_params = { format = render.FORMAT_RGBA,
                        width = render.get_width(),
                       height = render.get_height() }
local target_params = { [render.BUFFER_COLOR_BIT] = color_params }
self.render_target = render.render_target("original", target_params)

in init

I was test this a few days ago for faking light :crazy_face:
Attached… (636.9 KB)


Thanks! :smiley: I will try to figure out what is wrong in my project. I see that you use enable/disable render target anyway, so maybe that’s a way to go :confused:

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Actually I didn’t know it was deprecated :frowning: and it works :slight_smile: But no, we shouldn’t use it anyway.

Don’t use deprecated functions. They’re for backwards compatibility, and are thus unsupported. That’s why they’re not documented anymore.


As I’m now learning OpenGL more thoroughly and revising the documentation, especially the tutorials that are outdated, few things already came up. One is with render.enable_target() which was deprecated and actually the topic should have been followed up, thus I’m working on a PR to the tutorial and also the documentation - in some code examples there are still deprecated functions used :confused:

Second thing is that Grading tutorial stating in chapter “Drawing to an off-screen buffer”:

  1. All original drawing code in update() is left as is, apart from the viewport which is set to the render target’s resolution.

and the code responsible for this is:

 render.set_viewport(0, 0, render.get_width(), render.get_height()) -- <2>

And my problem is that according to the API render.get_width() and render.get_height() are returning a width and height (respectively) from the game.project:

Returns the logical window width that is set in the “game.project” settings.

Is it correct or is there something wrong and a function render.get_render_target_width() should be used?

It looks like the width and height of the render target are set to render.get_width() and render.get_height() so I guess in that case it doesn’t matter if render.get_width() or render.get_render_target_width() is used?

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In that case yes, but when window size is changed, is it that when I use an incorrect viewport, I could see some more/less of the world in a screen? It is somehow strange to understand when combined with projection :sweat_smile:

Also replacing render.enable_render_target() with render.set_render_target() is ok, but there is no replacement function for render.disable_render_target() (which is also not in the API) and it seems, like without disabling it, everything fails - is it ok guys?

And there is an example of this in the API docs (as of right now anyway).


Oh, right :smiley: Thank you for clarification!


This is my first PR to the engine, so let me know if everything is ok! :smiley: The change regards replacing enable_render_target and disable_render_target with set_render_target equivalents. It is only in comments used to generate API documentation for render :wink:

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Looks good. Thank you for the contribution!

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