Defold 1.2.139 has been released


Defold 1.2.139

This release adds a new function to bind render targets in the render script. It will be replacing the old render.enable/disable_render_target which are now deprecated. The new function has a transient option that can signal to the renderer if one of the render target attachments can or cannot be discarded after it has been used. Using this new option can optimize render target usage in some cases where attachments don’t need to be copied internally if they are not used.

There has been some changes to the internal font cache structure (which is used when rendering text in the GUI and with label components). This change will make it easier for developers to create some text effects in shaders, for example adding a gradient.

We have updated Emscripten to 1.38.12 both in the prebuilt engine binaries, and on the Native Extensions server. This is a step in the direction of being able to soon support WebAssembly output for HTML5 builds. Please report any bugs encountered in the HTML5 builds of your games!


  • DEF-3460 - Added: New render.set_render_target function with options argument.
  • DEF-3463 - Changed: Font glyphs are placed at baseline in font cache.
  • DEF-2971 - Changed: Updated emscripten version to 1.38.12.
  • DEF-3548 - Fixed: Added missing project.bundle_resources to the project editor.
  • DEF-3547 - Fixed: Crash when creating new PFX node with non-existent resource.
  • DEF-3531 - Fixed: Jitter bug with ParticleFX.
  • DEF-3533 - Fixed: Exception on cleanup of temp folder when running Bob on Windows.

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I think there are errors in the documents for render.set_render_target.
transient in the table options is actually a table, not a number. The brackets in the code example should be {}, not [].




Got crash and this error when run on iPhone 5s.

ERROR:GRAPHICS: gl error 1281
INFO:CRASH: Successfully wrote Crashdump to file: …_crash

Here is (3.0 KB)

I use custom render script with render to render target. Nothing changed from previous Defold release. Still using enable/disable render_target. However, it get crashed with set_render_target too.
Build for macOS and html5 works fine.

Font crashes engine with OpenGL error

This is cool (especially the emscripten update and the new transient render target feature), but this completely broke fonts for us.

For once, they crash: Font crashes engine with OpenGL error
And secondly, leading is messed up for some fonts: 1.2.139 broke font leading


We will take a look at these crash reports ASAP tomorrow morning. Remember that you can always revert to an older version of the editor. Sorry for the inconvenience guys!


This is not a new issue, and I’ve posted it on github before, but if you have a dynamic render target active and you resize the game window to 0 width or 0 height you get an error

Assertion failed: false, file ..\src\opengl\graphics_opengl.cpp, line 1581

Can be seen with Render Target example + FXAA on Windows