Release build "Debuggable"(SOLVED)


Hello guys,
A new error just hit me again. And so it goes:
I bundled a release tagged Android application from Defold with certificates and keys generated exactly like this. But when I uploaded the apk to Google Play, it showed that the apk was debuggable, and henceforth I was not allowed to go further. Looks like I am been missing something again, but can’t figure out what it is.
Thanks in advance /… :smile:


Not sure what that means?

We currently have a native extension issue where the release manifest isn’t applied.
We will relaunch a new server with the fix, tomorrow.


Double check that you haven’t checked the Debuggable checkbox in the Android section of game.project:

Edit: This setting was missing from the docs. Added it!


Looks like I had turned it on unknowingly. I unchecked it and was able to upload it. Thanks @britzl.


@kashyapaayush32 do you have published your games on google play? If yes, can you name them?


No, not yet. I completed my first game a month ago, but couldn’t release it then. But hold on, it’s soon hitting the Play Store