Random menu observation


a dark theme for website would be noice :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

also the wemen i see in the loading screen everytime i load the engine haunts me when i sleep

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I agree that HOME should probably be renamed RECENT.

By Recent Projects we mean the projects you’ve opened most recently with the top project the one you opened the last time.

RenderCam is used in the new “Basic 3D Template”

The name shown in the list is taken from the project title in game.project if I’m not mistaken.

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but recent means recently, stuff u did these few days, what have u ate recently right, also there could be a “sort by” function but pretty much useless

i have an idea what if the recent projects title get removed(since neither import projects and new projects doesnt have a title) and the home gets renamed “projects” and add a sort by function