Question about the defold license

i have a game that is getting very close to release, and, to avoid legal issues, i’d like to make sure i abide by the defold license, but i’m no lawyer and have a hard time wrapping my head around the legalese.

i’m reading up on the page (The Defold License) and have questions
do i really just only need a text file in the game distribution?
there’s the defold license, but also a copyright notice. do i need both?

Defold license.txt and copyright.txt should be included in same folder with game distribution. Other ways to include license are:
1.) game credits screen
2.) ingame popup dialog
3.) print license to app start log
4.) put license in same folder with game distribution (what you asked)
5.) put license in printed manual included with game


ok, thank you

The correct way to comply with the Defold license and the other libraries that make up the Defold engine can be seen here:


This makes me even more confused. So I got to include all licenses from Required license inclusion one by one, or just include the long text from the The Defold License?

Secondly, a concrete example, if I create a game using Defold on Android, and I pick option “Put the license in a text file and include it with the distribution of your application”, that means having the TXT file containing the license(s?) inside the APK should suffice?


Yes, I believe this is enough. Also, if you wish to show the license texts within the game, these could be tucked away in some settings menu or something similar. For apps, you typically find the license texts under a Legal menu option or similar. Here’s Uber and Google Home: