Question about Defold's limits


I’ve just begun learning to code, and I enjoy using defold, and I’ve been thinking about the type of game I’d like to make in the future. My inspiration comes from games such as Baldur’s gate, and Icewind Dale. Would it be possible to make a game similar to those? I mean, using virtual dice rolls, tonnes of spells, multiple choices in dialogue, etc? I’ve got a long way to go before I start, but I’d just like to know if there’s some limits that this engine just can’t do.


Check! No problems!



This depends on what “etc” is… :slight_smile:

In terms of game logic, pretty much anything is possible. You might run into performance problems if you, say, have to track thousands of AI agents or simulate a large world like Dwarf Fortress does. Native extensions may help you there though.

The biggest issue is probably graphics. If you are going for 3D Defold is maybe not the best choice at the moment. We still focus a lot on 2D although better 3D support is something that we are looking at for the future.

Check out these games for some ideas what others have done in Defold that may be graphically along the lines you are thinking:



Jokes aside, and speaking on the likes of Baldur’s Gate and top-down adventure games; @asvegren is doing a nice-looking isometric adventure game right now. A few game dev streams are up on his Twitch channel. Could be a good source of inspiration!

Easiest way to create a 2D isometric map with touch listeners

no, 3d no. I’d like to do 2.5d style if I’m capable and learn how to do it. Those pre-rendered backrounds from back then are still impressive to look at these days.


And don’t forget Kanji Adventure by @Tomires