Publishing to AppStore from Windows?



Is it even possible to publish a game to Apple AppStore using Windows? Or do I have to have macOS and some software (XCode i guess)

I’m asking because i CAN enroll in apple developer program and pay for it from my windows laptop. :slight_smile:


You can rent a Mac in the cloud for pretty cheap.


Sure, it’s not a problem.

The question is it (publishing to appstore) possible without mac at all?


You need access to a Mac to do the publishing as you need to use tools which run on Mac to do the uploading.


About XCode - no, you don’t use (in Mac OSX) anything but Defold to create the iOS version of your app. Defold (on Mac) build directly the iOS bundle - than then you must simply upload using the specific Apple Uploader app. You need also your provision profile and your certificate on that Mac OS machine but it’s really straightforward (not like RenPy for instance where the engine build an XCode Projects that you have to build - a legitimate choice of course, but if you just want to have your .ipa Defold is a lot easier to use)