Public opinion about the Defold shader tutorial


Hi i am @Grass_dev

i did find it hard to learn shader. so, i wanna tell you about the Defold shader tutorial. learning shader language is hard thing. but, recently, i searched the places on google where i can learn shader language easily. i did find an one place that learn Opengl language with the compare of their own language. so i think if you make a web page like that, the Defold engine must be great one.and also they learn us the shader language from the beginning. So i will hope that you will make a shader learning web page that learns the differnces between lua and opengl language…

click here to check the website i told

I am sorry about English mistakes
I am waiting for this change…
thank you.



Having an OpenGL ES 2 shader reference page might be a good idea. If nothing else, we should perhaps point to more online resources.

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that’s right.