Problems with the dynamic size of the collider

Good afternoon! faced with the problem that the size of the collider remains unchanged, with any actions.

  1. When allow dynamic Transforms was enabled, the Scale of the parent element was changed, but the collider itself did not change its size

  2. We tried to change the scale from the code of the Collision Object element itself, it also did not give results

  3. We also tried to move the collision object to other elements and change their scale. There were no results.

Conclusion: With any of the above actions, it was not possible to scale the collider relative to the parent object. Please help with solving this problem!

I tried to reproduce the problem with a simple test case. I could not get it to not work.

Make sure you scale the object on every axis, even Z. Collision objects will pick the axis with the smallest scale and use that number to scale uniformly.