Problem with Facebook extension

I have run an facebook example and I have these problems.

  • If I log into FB from this example, all the facebook windows escape to the bottom left edge of my
    browser. They are partially inaccessible.

  • Additionally, the invitations I send are not reaching my friends.

Is anyone able to help me?

It was a while since I tested the HTML5 version. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow!

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Thank you


Now I noticed. The example uses version 3.3 of the facebook api. From what I see the current version is 10.0. Is this not a problem ?

In the console I see such errors.


I’m. not sure where it is getting the version from. The HTML5 implementation should use the most recent FB API:

But the “can no longer be called from http pages” message is a clue that you can’t test this from http://. You need to test your game from https:// maybe?

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  1. I managed to solve the problem of photo publishing.
    Instead of feed you need to use share and href instead of source

     local param = { link = "https://url", href="https://image-url" }
     facebook.show_dialog("share", param, fb_share)

Example uses outdated facebook methods

  1. Facebook window problem also solved. Need to add a parameter

  2. @britzl However, I am still having trouble sending the invitation

I’ve been struggling since yesterday to create a post with a play button like this from my game. I give up :confused: Does anyone know how to do it ?

When mentioning this, a common first question is “what did you try so far?”
Giving that info will help our users giving better feedback.

Looking at the screenshot you shared I see that it is from the official Facebook documentation so let’s see what we can find. Let’s start by looking at the docs for sharing in games:

It looks like what you are after is “A link share with attribution and a Play call-to-action”. But when looking through the documentation for Android, iOS and Web there are no references to a call to action button:

When I google for “Facebook share and call to action button” I come across this SO post:

So it seems like it might be possible to do using an Open Graph API request at least…

It can also be done from the Facebook Business Manager:

My conclusion is that this isn’t a problem specifically with the Defold Facebook integration. I’d start by posting a question on Stack Overflow or in the Facebook Developer group to see if you can get some help.


I tried using different publication variations for SHARE and FEED. I also searched the web for information on this topic.

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thanks @britzl. I will check it.
And did you try to send the invitation in your example ?

No I haven’t. What was the correct way of sharing on the timeline? Was it this?

 local param = { link = "https://url", href="https://image-url" }
 facebook.show_dialog("share", param, fb_share)

Sorry @britzl . I don’t normally use gmail. I created an account for myself but I don’t remember what the email address was :wink: I will be using this account now.

Yes, this example allows you to publish a photo. However, inviting friends doesn’t work