Problem bundling APK/AAB file from editor in 1.2.173

Defold 1.2.173 included an updated Android build pipeline using the latest tools from Google. The new build pipeline generates AAB and APK files using aapt2 and bundletool and goes through the same code path (an APK is generated from a universal AAB file).

Defold 1.2.173 also transitioned from the outdated use of a separate key and certificate to the use of a Java keystore when signing bundled Android applications.

These changes in combination unfortunately broke Android bundling from the editor when no keystore was used. In the case when the user doesn’t provide a keystore the new pipeline generates a debug keystore. This works well when bundling using bob.jar from the command line but fails when bundling from the editor.

The workaround until we release a fix is to either bundle from the command line or generate and use a keystore when bundling.

The issue is reported here:

A new dev release of the editor will be made available later today.


If you want to jump onto the alpha testing branch for 1.2.174 there’s a version here which fixes the above mentioned bundling error:

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An alternative is to revert to Defold 1.2.172 until a new editor is released or use bob to bundle.

The Defold 1.2.174 beta was released yesterday with fixes for Android bundling: