Positive Aspects - Tool for resizing any window to any aspect ratio or resolution


A few months ago I started working on adding support for any aspect ratio and resolution to my game, only to discover that Defold currently doesn’t provide a way to resize the window at runtime. This inspired me to make Positive Aspects - a new free tool that can resize any window to any aspect ratio or resolution (including Defold games!). I hope you find it useful :slight_smile:


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Supported platforms - Windows only
This program was built using AutoHotKey v1.1.28, which is a comprehensive scripting wrapper around the Windows API. It will therefore probably run on Windows XP or above, though I’ve only tested on Windows 10. This also means it is very much a Windows exclusive; comparable programs can probably be made for Mac and Linux but I have no intention of doing so any time soon. Feel free to link to other programs that do something similar for whatever operating system.

iOS Deployment Workflow
Hook, Line and Thinker (6 devlogs)

Looks like this will be useful to a lot of people not just Defold users!

It does with DefOS!

There’s this example too for quickly changing window size to a few options https://github.com/subsoap/resizer