Polygonal sprite meshes


Defold should support polygonal meshes for sprites instead of simple quads. Maybe that’s already the case behind the scenes but I couldn’t find info anywhere.

It’s frankly extremely surprising that this feature is missing considering Defold’s focus on performance. Quad meshes cause a lot of overdraw.


No, it’s not supported yet. It’s definitely on our radar, but the actual need has frankly been quite low, since the games we’ve seen so far hasn’t pushed the graphics very much in terms of overdraw.


I’m making a RTS game with 1000+ sprites with 80%+ overdraw (because of shadows) and I’m seeing a HUGE difference in performance between Defold and Cocos2d.

I understand that Defold was not designed for that type of game though, but it sure would be nice to have polygonal sprites because I much prefer the Defold environment.


Sounds nice! Looking forward to seeing some pics!

Having an actual case definitely helps prioritising these things, so it’s good you bring it up!


If you are using lots of sprites with a similar shape you can make your own mesh to fit and use that. (may not be useful in your case I know)