PlayFab API Implementation


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iOS Project rather than an IPA?

Made a request on their forum. If you would like to upvote that post it would help! Like + Star

I’m still going ahead with my own version for now.

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I like that they have a lot of authentication methods in their Client API! A Defold Library project providing a nicely wrapped version of their API would be cool.



So I have been in contact with the developers previously and actually talked to them today about this. Their normal approach is to let them engine community themselves start creating a working api as they have their SDK generator which can be tweaked for general purposes.

Also i have fiddled some with the rest API as well and might think that a custom engine written specifically for Defold could be a better way as we can take advantages using the messagesystem and coroutines whenever needed.

Specifically the login is a very complex part and behaviour may vary depending on your game and how you want to merge different accounts. I have some flowchart lying around somewhere how I believe I would set it up. Let’s see if I could find it somewhere.

Nevertheless… Playfab is an excellent service for lots of games and I would definitely recommend people take a look at it before maybe writing their own server solutions.



Marco from PlayFab here, I head up our SDK team.
It is nice to meet you all and we love that you guys are taking interest in PlayFab.

Here is a PDF of PlayFabLogin Best Practices that shows the complexity of Login with PlayFab.

Andreas, we should definitely start-up our conversation again about getting the PlayFab - Defold SDK created.

Marco G. Williams



@Pkeod have you made any progress with your PlayFab lib? Do you need any help? Or should I get cracking and see what I can put together?



Please do!

I was going to work on it today but if you are willing to there are other things I need to do.

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I have a working implementation for a subset of the features in playfab that I can send you as a starting point if you haven’t started already



Could you share as a zip attachment here?



Thanks. I’m working together with the PlayFab guys to get a full version of their API ready for Defold. They have a full client API specification in JSON format that can be used to generate code to make the API calls. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.



Really good news!!



I found new repo by playfab

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Excellent, it seems like they’ve released a bit ahead of time. Very good news!

The Defold library dependencies can be found here:

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Don’t use this yet. It’s based on my version of the generated API. I will update it now.

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The example project is now updated.



Thank you! Super awesome! :heart_eyes:

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Made some general changes, updated register to work in the example, made pull requests for changes.


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Brilliant! Thanks.

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