Platformer game collisions break when pixel size changed


I started with the platformer template in Defold. I changed the tile size from 64x64 to 16x16. After doing this, the logic for collisions doesn’t work. I’m unsure which part of the code I should change.

This is the behavior I’m experiencing.

This problem can be replicated in the platformer example by decreasing the size of the collisions.

As I’m typing this, I see that this is a recommended topic. However when playing the game, I’m running into the same issue — the player can spam jump next to a wall and suspend themselves in midair.

after some experimentation, this fixed it

if normal.y < normal_threshold and normal.y > -normal_threshold then
		normal.y = 0
	if normal.x < normal_threshold and normal.x > -normal_threshold then
		normal.x = 0

with the normal_threshold = 0.7

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What’s the difference from the original script? It looks the same?

The platformer tutorial, from the Defold splash menu, didn’t have lines 152 - 157. It still worked, but there were complications when changing the collision sizes.

I also added the “if not self.wall_contact” as seen below, as I continued to have problems when adjusting gravity, jump speed, etc.

local function walk(self, direction)	
if self.ground_contact then
	self.velocity.x = max_speed * direction
	if not self.wall_contact then
		-- move slower in the air
		self.velocity.x = max_speed * air_acceleration_factor * direction


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