Planning for Lazy Loading (SOLVED)

Hi! I just noticed that you guys are working on lazy loading collections. This is awesome for me (reasons here). It gets rid of a ton of hacks that I had to use along the way.

I was wondering if it’s safe to write my code / design my game object trees from now on with the assumption that in the future, when this feature is released, there will be a reasonably easy upgrade path from the usual factory/collection factory usage pattern to lazy loaded factories?

TLDR: Should I start refactoring my hacks to use regular factories? Should I not make any new hacks?


I think it’s best to pass that question further to @andreas.tadic, who is implementing this feature. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I want exemple for use this functionality too

Yes, it’s in review now and will be released next engine release 1.2.115 unless we run into any unforeseen problems during testing. More info in my reply here


Dynamic loading of gameobject and collection factories introduced in Defold 1.2.115


Documentation has been updated: