Pixel fonts and shadows

I’ve been trying to get shadow under a pixel font.
I can see it in the editor font and in the gui I’m using it for but can’t in the actual game.
Anything obvious I’m missing?

Are you using the correct label material?

I’m using the built in font material. It’s a gui text.

Why not draw the font twice with an offset? That’s what I do…

That’s what I do as well, but this is part of my framework/template for adventure games and doing it that way also means that the user will have to modify some of the control scripts which is not ideal, but I might decide to always account for it and give control over the presence of the shadow.

I’m curious why it’s not working though.

Can you share a small project? I’ll take a look

This has been solved. It was a recently introduced regression in 1.6.0 beta.