ParticleFX Scaling in GUI (DEF-3421) (SOLVED)


Hi All,

I’ve got a simple GUI working fine and wanted to add in a simple Particle FX I have. I’ve followed the information here…

…and have the effect playing fine. However when I resize my game window I was expecting the particle emitter and effect to scale like the rest of the GUI elements but it stays the same size and the particles themselves stay the same size as well. The position moves though just the scale isn’t affected. Am I misunderstanding how particles work in the GUI?

The particle effect node has its adjust mode set to ‘Fit’. I also tried ‘Zoom’ and ‘Stretch’ just to observe what happens, all seem to give identical results. If I place a box node and size it the same as particlefx and leave its adjust mode set to ‘Fit’ that seems to scale up ok etc, just not the particle fx.

Also, if I place the particle effect outside the GUI and let the ‘game view’ render it it seems to scale then like I would hope for.

Any input would be appreciated, many thanks!



I did some quick investigation on this. Particlefx only support uniform scaling. If a non-uniform scale vector is applied to a node or gameobject that has a particle effect, the smallest value in the scale vector will be chosen as the uniform scale to apply to the particle effect.

Currently, the different adjust modes does not take this into consideration when handling particlefx nodes which can lead to the results you are seeing.

We have ticket DEF-3421 to track this issue. Thanks for reporting!


Thanks for taking a look into this and thank you for opening up an issue.

Not a big problem for this use case. I put the particle fx in the game view for now and adjusted my render script to give the result I’m after.


Released in 1.2.138


Great news :slight_smile: