Particlefx multiple images?


Is there a way to have a particle emitter randomly pick images from an atlas or a tilesource?
At the moment I can set just an animation or a single image but I would have to use multiple emitters which seems a bit slow as a workflow.

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Multiple emitters for each image is what we do.

The ParticleFX system could use a lot of love from a technical artist.



I love the particle system, it’s really powerful. But I agree, being able to select a number of images that are selected at random would be great. I tend to use multiple emitters with duplicated settings now.



Well looks like I can safely go for a feature request :smile:



GitHub link for reference (and to VOTE by thumbs up!):



I’m a big fan of the particle fx system, but I also think it could benefit greatly from some love. I have upvoted this issue, along with many others that I would like to see implemented: particle fx github issues



We do too! We actually had a meeting this morning to discuss cool RnD for various graphics related areas of the engine and the particle fx system is one area that has a lot of potential. We discussed scriptable emitters and particle physics among other things.

To help us explore some of these research areas we have actually invited two students doing their master thesis on advanced graphics programming in games to join the Defold team for a few months beginning of next year.



That’s really exciting news!

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Don’t forget about vertex colors! Great opportunity for the students… :wink:



This is great news! Are you guys shooting also for a google summer of code?



It is something we have discussed but have no experience with. I know that Godot has participated several years in a row.

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