Particle fx in 3D space (SOLVED)

I’m wondering about what I don’t know about the particles yet, so I can’t create an effect that is visible as in the preview with an emitter of type “Cone” or any other with the modifiers changing their Z position (for example a “tornado” effect using a vortex, but rotated above X Axis 90 deg). Of course I’ve changed Max Count (512 )and Max Particle Count (2048). I have an impression, that everything I’m making in 2D is visible in runtime as in the Editor’s preview, but whenever the particles are moving towards Z axis, the only visible ones are those having Z position equal to 0. So maybe I have to dig into the rendering of particles? Or is there an option to ommit it? Maybe we can somehow project them to 2D plane constantly?


Your render script needs to have a large render range than its default of -1 to 1.


Thank you very much!
I’ve changed projection in my render script to:

render.set_projection(stretch_projection(-100, 100))

and now all particles are rendered :wink:
Could the streched projection affect negatively the performance when more objects will be rendered?

The more objects that have to be rendered, the higher the impact on the performance. This is independent of which values you stretch your projection to.

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I can’t see the particles in the 3d environment. I’m using the 3d model render from the defold example, if I use this:
render.set_projection(stretch_projection(-100, 100))
appears as particular but some scene.
does anyone know how to resolve?

What do you mean by this?

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Likely because in the Basic 3D project template render script particles are rendered before 3d models.


Thank you. That was exactly it.

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Created an example on rendering particles in 3D space with models.