Particle emitter shape


I would like to have an emitter with elliptic shape, is it possible? I see that sizeX is the radius of the circle emitter; so it would be not that hard to implement an ellipse by using also sizeY.

Am I missing something?



What you see is what you get. We support Circle, 2D Cone, Box, Sphere, Cone. You can perhaps tweak parameters to make it behave at least somewhat like an elliptical shape.


Thank britzl!

Indeed I made a fake elliptical emitter by fast animating the emitter position along the greater axis of the ellipse. Do you see any other way to tweak parameters as you suggested?

Thanks again!


Hmm, maybe you could add some modifiers to drag the particles a bit. Or a rectangle and some modifier perhaps.


This is a perfect example of what I would like to extend in the engine. Been wanting different kinds of emitters since day 1. Edge emitters (emitting only from edge of shape instead of area), Cloud emitters and other “random emitters” (with random directions of particles) etc. Also custom modifiers would be awesome :slight_smile:
I guess it’s harder as it would you would like some nice implementation in editor as well.


Some of the improvements you suggest should be very easy to implement also in the editor: ellipse (just use sizeY, already there), area/volume/edge emitter (a selection), amount of initial random direction (a real number).


I meant for the future ability for us users to extend the engine. All engine extensions will always be a little more tricky if they also require editor extensions (drawing the outlines correct etc).


Being able to plug in your own emitters would be really awesome actually! Like mini-extensions of some kind.


Yes! It would be great! But maybe it is better to hope for some mild improvements in a reasonable time… I would guess that the ones I listed above (citing andreas.strangequest) require minimal editor and engine work.