Particle effect is scaled down when spawned with object's factory

I have this particle size problem… Am I crazy or are these particle plumes different sizes? These objects are similar sizes, but the plume for the enemy is smaller and I do not know why. It’s the exact same particle being played. What can be happening here?

Only difference between the two is the player is a static GO in the collection while the enemy is spawned from a factory. Both have the particle effect attached to their GOs.

It looks like one of them is scaled. Are you applying a scale to the game object?

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The GO has scaled sprites only inside of the GO. the GO itself is not scaled.

Can you please share a minimal project where this can be tested so that we can figure out what’s going on?

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I will post after work with an update to this post. Thx.

Funny enough, the minimal project plays it properly. And I have it all set the same as my project.
But when run in my game, it looks like the above. If I create the smoke from a factory, then it plays properly.

Ok, and what if you start to strip down your project to only contain that factory and game object and remove everything else?

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At this point it would be more of a task that takes up too much time. :frowning:
The factory works, so I do it that way. If I find some time, then I may revisit it. Thanks for the help.