Particle crashes the application

Hi, I have noticed that recently my application, which is build for Android started to crash at particle animation start:"rewards:/rankParticles#flow")

Interesting that for MacOs particles are rendered fine and it does not crashes.
The logs while crashing shows:

# 0 pc      0x19b9c /system/lib/ <unknown>+0
# 1 pc      0x1d792 /system/lib/ abort+53
# 2 pc      0x1d9ff /system/lib/ __assert2+22
# 3 pc      0x8d990 ...8z0b3KIeUA==/lib/arm/ <unknown>+0
# 4 pc     0x147894 ...8z0b3KIeUA==/lib/arm/ <unknown>+0
# 5 pc     0x15034c ...8z0b3KIeUA==/lib/arm/ <unknown>+0
# 6 pc     0x14f864 ...8z0b3KIeUA==/lib/arm/ <unknown>+0
# 7 pc      0x2d740 ...8z0b3KIeUA==/lib/arm/ <unknown>+0
# 8 pc      0x2ea0c ...8z0b3KIeUA==/lib/arm/ <unknown>+0
# 9 pc      0x2a1fc ...8z0b3KIeUA==/lib/arm/ <unknown>+0
#10 pc      0x2a150 ...8z0b3KIeUA==/lib/arm/ <unknown>+0
#11 pc     0x1d1720 ...8z0b3KIeUA==/lib/arm/ <unknown>+0
#12 pc      0x65ad7 /system/lib/ _ZL15__pthread_startPv+22
#13 pc      0x1e9ad /system/lib/ __start_thread+32

Can somebody advice where can be the problem?

Tried to download MacOs version 1.2.87 from to compare the results, but it shows:

Also it seems it is not possible to download any old version for macOS 10.11+

The log you shared does not provide any useful info. Could you please build Debug version of the game, and show logs from it?
Also it would be nice if you can test if macos Bundle (not build) works fine.

Forgot to mention: Defold version: 1.2.188
Macos bundle version crashes at particle animation too with logs:

INFO:DLIB: SSDP: Started on address
Assertion failed: (size <= Capacity()), function SetSize, file /Users/runner/work/defold/defold/tmp/dynamo_home/sdk/include/dmsdk/dlib/array.h, line 472.
INFO:CRASH: Successfully wrote Crashdump to file: /Users/user/Library/Application Support/Defold/_crash

# 0 pc     0x30bd7d libxpc.dylib _sigtramp+29

[1]    30789 abort      
Saving session...completed.
Deleting expired sessions...       6 completed.

[Process completed]

Not sure how it is possible to read _crash file seems has some encoding…

Could you please try to isolate this crash in minimal repocase and send it to me here on in PM ?

We found the reason of this crash, here is a temp workaround:

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