Out of gui buffer space (SOLVED)


I’m working on a game that is ridiculously UI-heavy. As such, there’s quite a complex amount of content going on in the UI.

I’ve run into a problem where there’s too much, in fact. So when I am trying to clone nodes for a dynamically-populating list, I’m getting the error “ERROR:GUI: Could not create the node since the buffer is full (512).”

This project is close to being done, so it’s very disappointing to be running into this issue now. Is there some way that I can reduce buffer usage from temporarily unused nodes? Alternatively, assuming the worst case scenario, can I increase the buffer size for the gui?

Thank you,


Never mind, I’m a dingus that overlooks features.

If anyone else has this problem, I just had to increase the Max Nodes property of the .gui file.


We preallocate almost everything at startup, and as you’ve already figured out there is a configuration for max gui nodes in the gui file. There are also several buffers that can be adjusted in game.project to control max number of collections, instances, sound buffers etc. We have tried to set reasonable default values, but you may want to go over the numbers before release to ensure that you aren’t allocating a lot of memory for things you aren’t using.