Orthographic Camera Zoom seems to not work


I am using the Orthographic Camera extension for Defold.

Changing the zoom either directly on the script in the collection outline or programmatically seems to not work. I don’t know if they may have anything to do with changes to Defold or a failure on my end? My code is available at this Gitlab repo. Thanks.



In case anyone asks, if you pull the orthographic camera example and try it yourself, the zoom in and zoom out do not work when built with Defold any longer, and the HTML5 example does not seem to work either.



Update: I was using the wrong camera projection (I was using DEFAULT instead of FIXED_AUTO or FIXED_ZOOM). Regardless, it zooms in a little automatically when picking the other projections but I am still unable to change my own zoom.

Also, I was wrong that the Orthographic example does not work. Again, it was user error in regards to the projections.



This should work. Can you share some code? A minimal example? Also, please report the bug on GitHub.

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I have added a bug to Github and included a minimal example on the bug report as well.

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My bad for screwing up in the example on the Github issue. I was able to get it working in my minimal example…but I actually have been referencing the correct render script in my main branch and seem to be following everything in your example. I think this issue is more specific to my project and I will continue to look into this for a while and dig around the camera’s scripts a bit.



Hi there. For the next time I come here. :joy: :joy:
I’ve got this issue a lot of times.
And finally, it always because forget change render setting:

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I’ve released a new version which shows a warning in the console if the render script isn’t used.

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