Orthographic and Switching Collections


Hello all,

I have been recently working with the Orthographic camera feature and I have run into a bit of an issue. What I am trying to accomplish is simple. I am trying to switch between collections. Both collections have the Orthographic camera in them. I have it set up so that when the character makes contact with a checkpoint, the checkpoint sends a message to a loader, and the loader unloads level one and loads level two. When I load level two, the console starts returning these errors:
I am not quite sure what the issue is here. In the level one collection the Orthographic camera worked just fine. The Orthographic settings in the level two collection are exactly the same as the settings in the first collection. Any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated. If anyone needs any more information to better understand the issue just let me know!
Thanks so much!




I have also faced this issue a lot. If you are switching between two scenes and both of them happen to have an orthographic camera, then it starts flashing an error. Not sure of any solution though.



Can you please report the issue in the official GitHub repo so that I can take a closer look?



Sure thing! In the Issue tab?

And also, in the mean time. Does anyone happen to have any alternative ideas that may work? I can’t have a camera working in only one collection haha.
Thanks again for all the help!

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Yes, in the issue tab

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Alright I submitted one thanks!

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Any luck on figuring out the issue? I have taken a deeper look and tried to figure a few things out but I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock. If there is no fix to the problem do you happen to have any solutions that might work in the mean time? My team and I are trying to push towards a deadline but if the issue is simply just downright unfix-able I understand! But if you may have a solution I would love to know!
Thanks again for all your help!



Sorry, I’ve been busy with the new website and have had little time to investigate. I can take a look now.

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I was unable to reproduce your problem. I’ve posted an update in the created ticket:

Please provide a repro case for me to test.

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Thank you so much for your time, it has been a great help. I have taken a look at what my code looks like, and I took a look at your repo and I cannot find any issues. Here is my repo:

Thank you so much for taking a look. Hopefully the problem can be solved. This is quite weird…
Thanks so much again!

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I’m having the same issue here. When switching between collection proxy, the second camera starts spitting errors.

Let me know if you would like a project to try it.



Actually, with the help of Britzl, we have realized that an issue could be solved with one of two things…

  1. The proxy is being unloaded and loaded at the exact same time causing an overlap in the cameras, so create a separation between the unload and load times.
  2. Simply change the camera ids so that they don’t overlap! This is what I did and it works like a charm!

The exact conversation is found here.
Hopefully your issue is solved!
Good luck!



I’m going to see if I can find a way to handle this situation.



Interesting. That works indeed.

I also noticed that when using monarch this doesn’t seem to happen. :man_shrugging:



I have released 2.9.2 that solved this issue.