OpenGL Profiler on Mac


Is still possible to use OpenGL Profiler on Mac with 1.2.164?

It seems to me that anytime I attach the profiler to the application the game is stuck! And I have to force an exit, detaching does nothing… Without the profiler the game runs fine.

Am I doing something wrong? or something has changed?




Which profiler? Xcode? Are you profiling A mobile or desktop application?

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The name is “OpenGL Profiler” by Apple, I think it is an instrument of Xcode (but I don’t use Xcode). I am trying to profile an application on my Mac (desktop) launched via the editor. I have done this many many times in the past; at this point, it is more than an year… :slight_smile: [The mac is running Catalina.]



Apple has deprecated OpenGL profiling for desktop OSX applications In Xcode, it only works on mobile apps unfortunately. I think should work, but isn’t as useful as Xcode.



But deprecated means one cannot use it? I am quite sure I have already used OpenGL profile with Defold and Catalina, am I wrong?

Anyway, this is really annoying…



We haven’t changed anything for OSX in this regard. If you wish, you can download an older version of the engine to see if you can profile that?

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Hi there, thank you so much for your incredible help! as usual!

There is still something I don’t understand, sorry.

I have a build for Mac made the 20-th of april 2019. It can be perfectly profiled with OpenGL profiler and Catalina. When I built it I had Mojave and not Catalina, I don’t remember the version of Defold…

So I made a new build and it cannot be profiled anymore: the executable works fine for a while but then it is stuck completely, there is no way to exit it and I have to kill the process.

Is this due to OpenGL being deprecated?

Thank you!