One Step Behind (RPG-shmup thingamabob with way too much lore)


…Hullo, everyone. Emmm…

I just feel like documenting this thing somewhere at least so I can be able to thank the Defold community for being there the entire time, I guess.

Okay, okay. Documentation.

The entire game was really supposed to be kind of a joke, and the way it started out (just as an idea between my friends and I) looks nothing like what it is now. We had ideas and thought experiments since 2015 or 2016, I think. The main source of inspiration then was Undertale, and we know that was a very good game. Oh, then the TouHou series. I pulled a lot of ability ideas and gameplay ideas from that.

No real work really even happened until earlier this year, when I went on a rampage on trying to find a suitable game engine to work my game, which went through a few names already: While You Were Away (which I’m going to be turning into something else), A Game Formerly Known as WYWA, Project W, etc. mostly because we had no real plot yet. (There is totally a chance that the name of the game becomes something different before 0.2 prealpha is even released at this rate, haha)

Anyhoo, the reason I finally landed on Defold is because

well, um

may or may not
am trying to make a video game on a potato computer. Erm, a computer that kind of is not good for this kind of thing? Also, I’m broke and not even out of high school yet? I don’t get to use money?

So, yeah. I went through a lot of things before getting here: GameMaker Studio, Godot, a few other things I don’t remember the names of. I would’ve used Godot if it weren’t for my computer’s sucky graphics card or something.

But yeah, it’s nice to be here~
I like this place very much, and I’m glad I’m here anyway~

(also I don’t have literally anything yet besides music and a few not-working-very-well sprites so I don’t think we’re gonna put a screenshot here anytime soon haha)



Hello @Luigen! I look forward to following the operates of your game.