Objects spawned from same factory are not showing


Trying to spawn 2 groups of objects (from same factory) in 2 runs.
On a first run it is a field of spawned factory GOs showing where character can go, and then on a second run I spawn a line of the same GOs showing path to target, just with sprites switched from fill to lines. While field is showing perfectly, line is not showing at all.

No errors, all instances are in a table, and if I change factory, it works. It just doesn’t show up if I use the same factory. Is some cases coordinates match, but other factories still spawn.



Are the spawned game objects and their visual representation (sprites?) perhaps rendered behind a background image or outside rendered z-range?



Nope, I’ve tested it with new objects which are absolute copy of original and even use the same atlas. And they work.



Share the project or a repro case here and I’ll take a look.

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Oh guys, I’am so dumb. :rofl: All objects are being initiated with 0 alpha and I forgot that.

I guess you’re so responsive that it made me a bit lazy in terms of checking everything twice before asking on forums.

Sooo sorry for that.