Non game development


Good day guys I am trying to find out if Defold is good for making non game apps like an E-Commerce app for example. I cant find any info on this in the forums or on the web. Thanks

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Defold is primarily a game engine with a feature set suitable for creating games. It does have a basic GUI system with more advanced extensions for GUI and screen management, but it is likely not going to be enough for an enterprise app which I assume is very UI heavy?



Thank you, I really like the Lua Language and Defold for making games but guess I will have to try another program for what I need to do.

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It’s possible, but native UI is always preferable. With some mad skills you can use native UI with Defold, but it’s way too hard.



Yh I figured it would be a lot harder to do it in Defold, possible but way too time consuming

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To preach to the choir. I have made a small app for a Homebrew system that adds Pokémon to Dungeons and Dragons (called Pokemon5E). The app is only GUI you can see “a preview” of it here

The thing it lacks is “polish”. There is a lot of work to get things that would have been simple to add in flutter to work in Defold. I have to say if I were to do a similar app I would most likely not pick Defold (even though i love the engine).



Not to hijack or anything but the pokedex doesn’t run on my desktop, tested in chrome and safari. A bunch of suspicious errors in the console :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it is super outdated (people use the iOS and Android versions so I don’t pay attention to the HTML5 one). I found it super annoying to dev for html5 as even if Build HTML works fine the Bundle -> HTML5 might not work and you get no information on what’s wrong. So I kind of just stopped updating the HTML5 version.