No more King? (SOLVED)


Just wondering - does Defold going open-source and being managed by the Defold foundation effectively mean that King is washing its hands of Defold and not planning to use Defold anymore?

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Queen rules the kingdom now.



From the FAQ:

Q: Has King abandoned Defold?

A: No, King is still using Defold for selected live games.

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The way I understand it is that this is not the case, but should that happen in the future, nothing much will change for Defold.



King is still the primary funder of Defold / now the Defold Foundation. Currently they are the first and only company funding the foundation (that we know of, it would be cool if others like Epic would support it). If you want to support the core developers of Defold you should absolutely consider supporting them, if they can now get a strong amount of direct community support (along with more companies supporting them) it will greatly improve their long term ability to continue to work on and improve Defold for us all.



I’m verifying what’s being said here. King is using Defold for some games. King donated money and the rights to Defold to the foundation. King is supporting Defold through a corporate partnership. The foundation will work to sign more corporate partnerships to secure development funding alongside the community support we receive via GitHub sponsors, Patreon and PayPal.



So perhaps we can summarize here as … More than King :grin:


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