Nintendo Switch access, no response?

Hi guys, just wondering how long it takes to get access to the Nintendo Switch compiler for Defold? I’ve submitted my application through the Nintendo Developer portal over a week ago, and send a follow up email to the support email at a few days ago, no response to anything just yet.

Super keen to build a Defold project for my Nintendo Switch dev kit. I like Unity but Defold seems like it may be even more lightweight.


Hi @Domarius !

Sorry it has taken so long!
It just happens to be that @britzl who usually receives/handles those emails from Nintendo, has been on a two week vacation.

I expect he’s back to the office today. If not I’ll make sure to setup access up if everything looks ok.

Again, sorry for the delay!



Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: Like I said, super keen to test this out! I want to do a number of 2D pixel art games and I was going to see if that would be more straight-foward than in Unity.


Please check your email and reply with the requested information!

Thanks man, I have done so :slight_smile:

Also, please share a Slack username if you have one, so we can invite you to our Switch dev slack channel.

I replied to britzl’s email with it, thanks for that :slight_smile:

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Ok. He’s still travelling today and he will be back tomorrow.

So if you have any Switch questions in the meantime, you can post them either as questions in tghe Switch Develoment group, or as private DM’s to us.

Thanks man! Ah I had no idea he took time out of his vacation to handle this, thanks @britzl !

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