New user got some questions


First I haven’t studied anything about programming or game development, so I was wondering, can someone be good at making games and coding with Defold ? I really know nothing about Scripts.

Also, was wondering, is there anywhere a tutorial on how to make a super mario-like game ?
Jumping and taking coins and killing monsters … that kind of thing.

last question is, can I work offline ? without having any access to the internet ?


Welcome to the forum! Defold is not a drag and drop visual code editor such as Construct or Scratch. There’s a lot you can do with Defold without knowing anything about coding, but you will eventually have to create a few scripts to deal with user input, player movements, enemy movement and so on. Defold uses a programming language called Lua and it’s a fairly small and easy to learn programming language. But with that said, you will not become a skilled programmer over night. It takes practice and hard work but it is also fun and rewarding to see your creations come to life!

We have several tutorials here:
And this runner tutorial comes close to what you’re asking for:

Yes, most of the time. You can store your project anywhere on your hard drive and open the project without having an internet connection. We do offer cloud hosted projects which is quite convenient since we take care of version control of your files and help you sync your project with other members of your team, but all of that is completely optional. Some things such as adding extensions to your game will require an internet connection.

Good luck!


I was in the same boat a few years ago. I started programming in the Starcraft 2 editor, which allows you to basically create anything from a mini-game to a custom campaign for the game’s library. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing :sweat_smile:. I managed to make a few hashed-up projects by watching step-by-step tutorials.

First thing’s first, programming in any computer language takes dedication and a lot of time to get good at it (Which, I mean, what art doesn’t :wink: ). I’m still no good at it because I only recently started getting serious about it. There’s nothing specific, but take a look at these tutorials, especially the platformer, side scroller, and runner in your case to see what you’d like. Once you’ve learned enough, you can actually pull different aspects from each of those to create a Mario-like game.

Absolutely! It’s weird to get used to, but, once you create a project on the dashboard, you can use “Open project from disk” to do so. Then it will appear in your “Recent Projects” list to make it easy.

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Thanks a lot guys !


I think defold has a very good learning curve, and (equally importantly) a really great forum with very helpful people.

Let us know if you get stuck on anything!