New Features


1-When comeing this editor?
2-Why development progresses slowly?
3-King is big company.Please add many features. Please

  1. You are using it. That image was an early UI mockup done years ago.
  2. What do you mean? We ship updates every 2 weeks.
  3. Defold is a small team. We add lots of features all the time. If you miss anything in particular, file a request.


i’m sorry my english isn’t very good
i can’t tell as i want


I wants;

1-Fully 3D Support
2-More GUI Elements as Cocos Creator
3-Tutorial Videos from easy to hard

  1. Better 3d support is on the roadmap.
  2. UI widgets can be built from our simple primitives. Use a library if you don’t want to write yourself. There are some on our asset portal. If new building blocks are necessary for something, please tell us.
  3. Have you checked out the existing videos? Games from Scratch youtube channel has a bunch. Our youtube channel has a few.


3-Yes i looked but not enough


What tutorial subject would you like to see covered?


a little more


That’s not a subject?


What do you need specifically? Defold is a 3D engine, although our tools are focused on 2D game creation. You can load 3D models, complete with animations and everything.

Here’s a pretty easy to use library for more advanced UI components:


I want to 3d support for 3d map editor with advanced tools.