New Consoles coming in Q4 2022?

I was wondering what the status of Playstation and XBox support is? On the home page it says coming Q4 2022. Also you may want to update this? Not to be a pest (while also being a pest)

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Well, we are ready to announce ps4 but are currently waiting for final approval from Sony. Defold will be the first open source game engine with PS4 support using our type of engine design, and this has required significant effort from senior tech at Sony to get approved. Other open source engines will in the future have a much easier time once they decide to offer official PS support.


Wow, very exciting. Thank you for the update!!

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For XBox support, I should also mention that the way the XBox middleware works, is that they rely on developers asking for a tool, and not the other way around.

So, that means that we need your help in registering as a developer with Xbox, and then request to use Defold as a middleware.

So, please start that process now, and also let us know so that we can keep track of all the studios/developers that want XBox support. Hopefully we can use that as leverage and get into the xbox middleware program.