New code editor in editor 2 launched!


I don’t want to hijack the thread with my fonts size asking, but i don’t see the entry in menu for changing font size.


May be it’s something i have to activate elsewhere, for letting the entry appears ?
And how did you get the white background, like in the editor 1 ? I’m interested too :slight_smile:


Easy solution – switch to Mac! Also confirming that I don’t see the entries either.


The font size menu options show up in the code editor only.


I worked last 2 weeks with new text editor, without Atom.
List of my difficulties with new text editor (My 5 reasons why Atom still is a better solution):

  1. Have no cmd+/ hotkey for a fast code commenting like in atom (one line and multiline). Issue:

  2. I was making a lot of mistypes like “pint()” or something like this. Sometimes I forgot to create local variables or I made shadowing of variables by mistake.
    Atom helps to avoid this type of errors using linter-luacheck. issue:

  3. Editor has no autocomplite for constants. issue:

  4. I can open any type of files as a text but can’t change them. Issue:

  5. I can’t tap or drag minimap for scrolling. Issue:


I have fuzzy font in the code editor.
I use Windows 10 x64.
Why is that? A solution?


I have same problem on Win10. Text looks MUCH nicer on macOS for some reason.


We have an issue for it here: Maybe @mats.gisselson can explain? Was it a performance issue?


Indeed it is a performance issue, but it mainly affects users that have retina-resolution monitors. We were getting really severe performance drops so as a quick fix we disabled sub-pixel antialiasing. We intend to fix this, we just haven’t gotten around to it yet. As a workaround, you can increase the font size from the View menu to make the text more legible.


Something that’s off about the autocomplete for me:


Here I’ve just typed go.get. Autocomplete pops up. I just want to use the .get function so I hit (. However then it fills in the first autocomplete option, go.get_id(.

If you’re typing fast this throws you off a bit as you have to backtrack and hit escape and stuff.

Just a minor nitpick perhaps, but for me it’s one of the reasons I prefer Atom for my Defold devving.


Have you reported this using Help_>Report Issue?


Nope, but I can! Wasn’t 100% sure it’s an error per se, might be intended behavior.


It’s an issue with the fuzzy matching. It’s reported here:


We use the “report issue” for feature requests as well. And as @sicher mentioned, it’s also good to search if someone has entered it before.


how to get a white background in the editor 2?


You can’t. There is no light theme in the editor.


Just see this image online from
It look really cool, with many feature !!! I wonder if this is the future roadmap of Defold?


Those are old mockups. What you see in the current Editor 2 is from where we will evolve the UI. The mockups have a completely different look to them that we will not implement.


Thanks for the reply, but I do hope Defold has significant improvement on UI/UX in the future roadmap.


Yes, there are lots of things planned and happening with the editor. What specifically do you think needs improvement?


I have only try Defold recently, but here is what I have notice so far.

  • A better “Check for Update” and update automatically like other Mac app. Since you guy always release frequently, this will help installation process a lot
  • Currently I cannot open any Image file or Sound files directly on the editors. :loud_sound: :film_strip:
  • Currently I cannot zoom in/out in the collection or atlas
  • Search in both Assets and Outlines (I see Teaser for search in Outline :+1:)
  • Outlines view either by Hierarchy or Object Type (I see Teaser with Filter by object type, but have 2 view modes as Hierarchy/ObjectType is better :confused: – so guy want to make it this way instead)
  • Toggle visibility of specific object in the Outline (I see Teaser Visibility toggle for selected object types not specific object :confused: – so you guy might want to do this way instead)
  • Move functions such as Creating new Asset, Build & Bundle, and Debug (and other function from the menus) to the top bar like other IDEs (e.g. Eclipse, Xcode, Android Studio)
  • Import/Export assets file from other projects or source directly
  • Close or Open new project, without having to quit and reopen it

Here is my basic thought about it in long term, if I continue to work with Defold a lot (which I probably will), I probably want the Editor 2 to evolve to be IDE 2. In other word, it integrate the whole game development experience and Defold ecosystem into it, rather than just an editor.