New code editor in editor 2 launched!


Oh this is looking good.

It’s a harder choice between Atom and Defold code editor now.

Is there variable fields autocomplete or there’s a bug?
In Atom I have the extension that shows variable fields like position.x or position.y and self. (only works after being declared before hand; I guess it determines context).

Looking forward to the built-in debugger also. When are planning to release it to alpha/beta?

Thank you for the hard work guys.

PS: I think that luacheck can also be integrated?


Hi @Fuscy!

There is no variable fields autocomplete, so no bug :slight_smile:
Great feature request though!


Hi @LosJustos!

Thanks for reporting the ALTGR issue. Unfortunately we won’t have time to fix this properly before christmas, but we posted two sad workarounds here: New text editor issue: ALT GR on Windows (SOLVED)

Merry Christmas


Hi. Happy holidays!

New editor much more usefull than previuos version. I found some inconvenience on win platfrom:

  1. CTRL + INSERT and SHIFT + INSERT dont work relative to CTRL + C and CTRL + V functionality. Please make it same as CTRL + C and CTRL + V functionality.
  2. CTRL + LEFTCURSOR or CTRL + RIGHTCURSOR navigate to START and END current line, but more usefull navigate to start-end of each line word. Same when selected text with SHIFT + CTRL.
  3. SHIFT + DELETE dont delete selected text as simply DELETE. A trifle but comfortable delete also with SHIFT + DELETE.
  4. yes, need to setup replace TABS with spaces as mentioned other users above.

Thx for you work!


Hi @LosJustos

The AltGr issue should be fixed in the next update.



Yey, thats nice to hear.

It appears, that my strg + c doesn’t work every time. I dont know if its just my keyboard, but i didnt notice this bug in other applications. Maybe anyone else noticed this?
I can reproduce it, if i doubleclick a word and then try to copy paste it (it happens not every time).

Maybe this video can show my error


How about alt+left arrow / alt + right arrow, I preferr to have Ctrl move to beginning of line and Alt word.


Are you used to Mac? Ctrl+Left/Right for skipping words is how everything on windows works. Even with Defold—all the other input fields in Editor 2 work that way, just not the text editor. For such an often-used thing, it’s really hard to switch your brain and remember to use Alt instead of Ctrl for one part of one program. Of course I hope it will be configurable at some point


That’s correct, even if the default for text editors on Mac is to use Cmd+Left/Right to resemble Home/End.

When I program on Windows I use Ctrl to provide the same functionality, since Home/End is further away.


And here I am using Home/End all of the time…

Or worse yet, Shift + arrow arrow arrow arrow - until end of word >_<

I’ve learned something new from this discussion anyways. :star_struck:

Also, really enjoying the auto-complete, syntax highlighting, and the new mini-map. Thanks!


Weird, I just received the update and it’s been out for two weeks? Great update though! Love the mini-map especially!

I think the update may have been available and stated in the lower right corner, but I don’t believe I ever got an automatic prompt for a new update.


Yeah, I have noted that it only prompts you at the “open a project” stage if you wait there for a few minutes, I have reported that issue 1449.


One more magic proposition - mini map is awesome, but what if allow user navigate on it with mouse?



Text editor issues without “text-editor” label:


found this issue on github


Sorry for concern, but is it possible to expect these fixes in upcoming Defold2Editor version?


I think I’ve seen commits to handle tabs vs. spaces recently.


It would be interesting to conduct a poll, for knowing what proportion of Defolders are using the internal editor.

To be honest, i was thinking that everybody had configured Defold for using the favorite text editor. Well, that’s the first thing i did.
And i was happy to see that Defold allows this type of customization :wink:
(when i can change fonts size / color of the Defold’s GUI, i will be very happy).


Font size you can change already.