New code editor in editor 2 launched!


Thanks for your feedback. Some notes:

Yes you can. Just zoom on touch pad, magic mouse or scroll wheel as in most other apps.

“Search in files” searches in all project files and finds anything you see in outline as well (albeit in “raw” data format):

Can you give examples of what you mean here?

  1. Zoom – I see we zoom with scrolling, but how do we drag/move around the canvas when zoom in?
  2. Import/Export – Normally the Editors (or IDE) will have a working directory with my list of projects. So I can open this working directory and import/export assets (e.g. explosion file collection) from another project to the current project and the editor will manage/resolve dependencies for me


We have Defold libraries to deal with dependencies.

What do you mean by this? What is missing in it’s current form? Integration with our Asset Portal? Or something else?


best news i’ve heard today.


Hey. Is it possible to use vim keybindings for the editor? I know that it’s possible to use visual code with plugins but native support for custom keybindings it would be great to have it in case if it’s not blocking point for delivering the other game development related features.



We have configurable keybindings among the things we wish to add. Our editor dev team is growing so I do hope that we will be able to ship more features during the spring.