My collections are not loading


I’m trying out the collection proxies but the collection isn’t loading i followed the instructions


Are you enabling them?

function on_message(self, message_id, message, sender)
    if message_id == hash("start_level") then
        -- some script tells us to start loading the level"#proxy", "load")
        -- store sender for later notification
        self.loader = sender
    elseif message_id == hash("proxy_loaded") then
        -- enable the collection and let the loader know, "enable"), "level_started")


i think its about the addressing


Post the code and any console output. Take screenshots too.


INFO:DLIB: Log server started on port 53455
INFO:ENGINE: Engine service started on port 53456
INFO:ENGINE: Defold Engine 1.2.116 (33da4aa)
INFO:ENGINE: Loading data from: build/default
INFO:ENGINE: Initialised sound device ‘default’

ERROR:GAMEOBJECT: The collection ‘default’ could not be created since there is already a socket with the same name.
WARNING:RESOURCE: Unable to create resource: build/default/collections/level.collectionc
ERROR:GAMESYS: The collection /collections/level.collectionc could not be loaded.
INFO:DLIB: SSDP: Started on address
INFO:DLIB: SSDP: Started on address
INFO:DLIB: SSDP: Done on address
INFO:DLIB: SSDP: Done on address


You need to change the name of the collection. This is exposed as a property on the collection. Open up the collection and while you have the “Collection” object selected in the outline, the properties window will then have a field “Name”. Change the “default” to a unique name.


When ever you see an error like this in the log it’s something to take serious. It very likely indicates that something has crashed or error’d out of the current scope of execution.