Multiple monitor editor support?


I was wondering if there are any plans for multiple monitor support in the editor? Some way to have code side by side would be a huge boon to productivity.

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Defold team has said they are waiting on more funding to work on the editor more extensively and currently are focusing mostly on engine features for now. Multiple window/monitor support is possible with JavaFX but getting it to work with the existing Editor project may not be trivial.

I believe the existing popup dialogs are already using the same kind of features you would need to allow for example the ability for a code view to pop out and into its own window which you could then move to another monitor. If you experiment with it you should report your findings.



Hmm, I see “move to other tab pane” which creates a split view on one monitor but nothing about a popup option on the tabs.



@Epitaph64 for now, perhaps a workflow with VSCode or Atom could be useful for you? I have an Editor opened on one monitor and a Code window with the same project on the second monitor and it is very convenient, synchronisation is automatic after each save :wink:



Thanks I hadn’t thought of that. Now that I think about it some of the editor related features are lacking in comparison to Atom so that would be a good solution.

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Follow-up question on this - would you know if there is a way to have Defold engine module auto-completion in VSCode?

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Yes, there are plugins, search for Defold (and Lua for language autocompletion) in the Marketplace



I had an attempt of porting my Defold IDE extension to VSCode (as I’m not using Atom anymore) for function autocomplete and inline docs, but it ended up on the “I’ll do it sometime when I’ll have time” list. I anyway have some maintenance to slowly catch up on first.

Meanwhile, these are the extensions I use:

And this is the configuration: