Multi-platform builds


I have a question regarding builds on various platform with respect to Defold. I have a Windows PC. Does Defold cross-compile on various platforms? What I mean is if I want to have a build for Android, Defold will generate the apk directly without me having to install Android Studio? I know it will generate builds directly for Windows and web. But for other platforms, such as iOS and MacOS, I suppose I will need a Mac? What is the workflow for Defold when building and especially deploying on various platforms?

I am hesitating between Defold which looks promising, and Flutter for my next project.


Yes, Defold does cross compile to other platforms than the host OS.

There is no need to install Android Studio. We include the tools necessary to create an AAB or APK.

Correct. You will need a Mac.

Hi Britzl!

Thanks for the quick reply! As I mentioned, I am hesitating between Flutter and Defold. I know Flutter makes it easy to create apps (no so much games, apart from casual card or turn based ones which is what I have in mind) and has all the tools for that. It is in particular trivial to create screens and navigate through the app. Is it the same with Defold? I know Defold has UI modules but is it as trivial as Flutter?

Also I don’t know if you or someone else has experience with iOS with Defold on services like MacInCloud? I can still buy a Mac - my PC is rather old and I could certainly use a speedy machine and this is especially true for Flutter development with the emulator and all. But I am under the impression that Defold is less of a hog on the system. Is that so?


No, I would not say it is trivial. Defold is more of a low level game engine where you have to do a bit more work yourself. There are plugins that simplify some of these things.

The Defold editor will require at least 4GB of memory, preferably more to work well. I recommend that you download and try!

But the game engine itself is very very performant, even on old hardware.

Hi so I have 32GB RAM so it’s ok on that front (I have a SSD too but my processor is an old 6th gen core i7). It’s a bit painful with Flutter. Defold should be ok and less demanding on the system. I already downloaded the engine! Will try it out certainly.


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I ran Defold just fine for years on an i5 3570K, your “old” processor should have plenty of power.

Thanks Ross! I should be fine yes. I will try Defold soon!